Personal pocket/purse mist plus as a garden spray AVAILABLE NOW PERSONAL DEFENSIVE USE ONLY – NOT AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON This spray must NOT be carried or used except under circumstances when the person in possession has reason to believe that they are or may be in danger of physical assault. The person carrying this spray may be called on to prove their fear of threat to the Western Australian Police or a Court of Law. Always attempt to be recorded on CCTV when using the spray. DO NOT carry on aircraft. This is NOT an aerosol and must be activated by pressing down sharply on the top button. The spray produces a capsaicin mist spray with an effective range of up to one metre. The spray is designed to cause temporary eye, throat and skin irritation. Effective on a range of pests including dogs. Prompt application of milk may reduce the symptoms. Not to be carried or used by people under the age of eighteen. Keep out of reach of children and other unauthorised persons. 0.5% capsaicin, ethanol and aqua pura. 30ml personal— 500ml garden $20.00 for an organic purse/pocket 30ml size in a mist spray bottle or $25.00 for the 500ml organic garden spray bottle which includes neem oil.